What is an appropriate substitute for dry sherry?

Making a stir-fry dish and out of dry sherry. Are there any comparable substitutes?



bigpan August 30, 2012
White vermouth !
Lizthechef August 29, 2012
Lemon zest and i teaspoon of white or brown sugar.
Ascender August 29, 2012
In Chinese food, dry sherry is a substitute for Chinese rice wine, so that is the perfect substitute.
I've never found a decent substitute for sherry in a mushroom sauce, unfortunately. Sherry contributes a distinctive flavor note.
sexyLAMBCHOPx August 29, 2012
Enter "dry sherry subsitute" search on the site & scroll down to hotline for suggestions.
HalfPint August 29, 2012
dry sake
dry white
chinese rice wine
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