How do you enjoy Fine Dining In The Sky with current flight restrictions?

I recently read Cooking for Mr. Latte and on a recent flight found myself wondering how you bring a special meal on board with all of the security and restrictions involved in flying these days. So, if you would care to share how you currently are dining well in the sky, I would love to know! :-) Thank you!

  • Posted by: ~Kim
  • August 31, 2012


Patti I. September 1, 2012
Having just carried 20 pounds of cheese back from Wisconsin, I have experience with cheese. Formed cheese is able to be carried on. Processed cheese or cheese spread could be an issue. Though this trip they wiped down each block of cheese looking for explosives and clearly didn't find any. They were friendly and laughed about it with me. This doesn't happen everytime I do this.
bigpan September 1, 2012
If you can, especially international, fly Business or First on non north American carriers.
SKK September 1, 2012
Travel a lot, and the issue seems to be bringing liquids through security. Stop at Whole Foods or other great stores and buy salads and wraps and put them in my carry on and have never been stopped. Nuts are great, fruits are great, bread and meats...there are no limits in my experience. And purchase your water in liters on the other side of security.

If you are traveling internationally listen to the announcements - some foods, usually fruits and vegetables, sometimes nuts, cannot be taken through immigration. All explained on your landing cards.
Quinciferous September 1, 2012
As an aside, the no-liquids rule certainly poses problems for bringing home local delicacies -- but some airports have found ways to get around it.

If you're flying out of Traverse City, MI, and want to bring home one of the famous cherry pies from the Cherry Hut, you are in luck. Even though they're half liquid, the airport has a "pie check" system. If you bring your receipt from the pie seller, you can bring your pie through security. Last year I was one of three "pie checks" -- out of five people in line!
~Kim August 31, 2012
Thanks for answering, Amanda! I was thinking the salad dressings would be a problem, but I guess the amounts are small enough to be okay. I plan on trying some of your suggestions on the next flight I take. Here's to fine dining in the sky! ;-)
Sam1148 August 31, 2012
From what I understand and have seen on some travel sties. Even mayo/mustard packets can get snagged by overzealous TSA agents. Place those in your personal 1qt ziplock for personal liquids like toothpaste, etc. Salad dressing would pass if it's on a salad that's already dressed. I'd suggest a tabouli salad, which won't wilt..or some of those 2.5 oz premade dressing packs in your personal ziplock.
Hahha...if you put the cheese between two slices of those little cocktail rye breads and wrap up in plastic wrap, it's no longer 'cheese' but a sandwich, which is allowed.

Amanda H. August 31, 2012
Hi Kim, I actually haven't had much trouble with the kinds of food I wrote about in that book -- cured meats, olives, cheese, salad, and good chocolate are mostly still permitted. Liquids are the only no-go, but I tend to buy drinks on board. I'm sure any frequent traveler would point out that my menus are too high in salt but I try to counteract this with lots of water. Why sacrifice flavor for health when you're frightened to death!
Sam1148 August 31, 2012
Is cheese allowed as a separate item in a lunch box meal that goes through security? I've been under the impression that cheese is okay only when in a sandwich.
Amanda H. August 31, 2012
Good question -- I've never had a problem with cheese. Perhaps I've just been lucky.
Greenstuff August 31, 2012
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