Best healthy recipe to cook ahead and freeze for bringing to a new mom?

My sister in law is due any day now and I'd love to help by bringing over a complete meal that all she has to do is thaw and heat! Any tried & true winners out there?

  • Posted by: Lauren
  • September 12, 2018


Matilda L. September 18, 2018
When a friend had a baby, I made a huge batch of empanadas, flash-froze them, and placed them in some freezer bags, enough for several family dinners with leftovers. Easy as baking on a cookie sheet and eating with one hand (for whomever was holding the baby!).
Alyssa September 15, 2018
I'm a Minnesotan, so my mind jumped to hotdish! A pan of lasagna is freezable and comforting, or my mom used to make something like this beauty (with sliced chicken sausage added):

That with some homemade rolls or bread that can be frozen and thawed would be so cozy.

Megan September 13, 2018
I second the suggestions for stews. When I was postpartum my husband made a very basic crock-pot beef stew that was super salty and beefy and it gave me LIFE those first few days. I also liked to have healthy-ish bran muffins around that I could grab and eat with one hand.
Sam1148 September 12, 2018
While it's not a food related thing. When she gives birth...go to the local bookstore/news stand and get newspapers, and magazine. All types..Time/Newsweek/Home and Garden/Food magazines...etc.
Then go to

By the time they're adults they'll be "WTF are this printed things, and COINS...where they like cavemen in 2018"
And get this years 'proof' set of coinage.
Sam1148 September 12, 2018
Make stews. But the trick is to package them correctly.
Use a meatloaf pan and line it with plastic wrap and freeze the stew in to "Stew Ingots"...which can be easily defrosted for meals.

You can do the same with pasta with noodles. Big ol brick of stuff to be easily thawed in the microwave or stovetop.

alygator September 12, 2018
What about a beef stew or onion soup? You can give her little ciabatta rolls to also free and serve alongside each?
HalfPint September 12, 2018
I was going to suggest soup too. Had a wonderful butternut squash soup the other day.
BerryBaby September 12, 2018
Salad...with a variety of vegetables and different greens. A bottle (or homemade) dressing on the side, loaf of fresh crusty bread and a dessert...maybe lemon bars?
Nancy September 12, 2018
Maybe a combination or crossover of things she likes and those recommended for new mothers, like beef and salmon.
See webmd and similar sites for reommended foods
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