Years ago a friend from the Carolinas made a rice dish containing red beans, rice, okra, bacon and other things. It's not dirty rice. Any rec



petitbleu September 3, 2012
Could be a pilau, but it sounds like a variation of hoppin' john (limpin' susan and skippin' jenny are the variations on the theme). However, as with most regional dishes, cooks just use what they have when they have it.
Mockhuman September 3, 2012
It sounds like a type of Pilau (or perloo) - a rice dish that is popular in the Carolinas. Good luck finding the exact recipe your friend had - there as many recipes for Pilau as there are stars in the heavens.

I found this online- it might be similar
Summer O. September 2, 2012
Hugh Acheson has a similar recipe in his book 'A New Turn in the South'. He uses risotto instead of rice but I don't see why rice couldn't be used. With the risotto he uses onion, okra, ramps (it's not ramp season so leeks?), boiled peanuts, parmesan and country ham. Is this what you are looking for?
cec75 September 2, 2012
Add purred chicken livers for dirty rice. Peas and carrots are good to. Very classical
Pamela731 September 2, 2012
Do you know of a recipe like or similar to this?
If so, will you pass it on to me, please.
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