Related to my red beans and rice. What's the difference between "red beans" and "red kidney beans"? Different taste?



pierino November 30, 2010
We think this was a fun thread. And good food came out of it.
Queen O. November 29, 2010
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katherine_ellington November 29, 2010
Red beans and rice, with a little chow chow.
katherine_ellington November 29, 2010
Well the proof is in the cooking. The red kidney beans worked out just fine and from my research, the kidney beans are more cajun and the small red beans are more caribbean, but also hail in New Orleans. In this rendition, the Thanksgiving ham bone was the star. It's pot licking good.
drbabs November 29, 2010
count me in!
pierino November 29, 2010
Yes ma'am, reminds me of my misspent yout' hangin' out at the Napoleon House on Chartres. Oh, but then there was also Chez Helene....
TiggyBee November 29, 2010
dude, you're killin' me. I mos def need to git out my scrub-board.
aargersi November 29, 2010
What you need my friend Pierino is some all day duck gumbo, some Subdudes and some Gourds, and a beer or 4. Hmm ... me too come to think of it
pierino November 29, 2010
Fan me many times dear, 'cept that right now it is really cold, so I don't need no fannin'. What I do need is red beans and rice and some zydeco music.
drbabs November 29, 2010
As pierino said, it's just preference--kidney beans are larger and meatier; red beans are smaller. Use what you have.
TiggyBee November 29, 2010
pierino, is there a way to "fan" you twice?

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pierino November 29, 2010
Practically no difference between kidney and red beans. The red beans tend to be a little smaller (at least in New 'awlins) but use whats you gots. Believe I forgot to mention that andouille sausage ought to go into that shoulder and red beans mess up.
isabelita November 29, 2010
I prefer pinto or rositas for my rice and beans finding the red kidney bean, however delicious, to have a thicker skin and not as easy to digest. I use pinto for my chili as well.
Kayb November 29, 2010
I use the small ones, but have used kidney when I couldn't find those. They have a slightly different taste when tasted alone, but are essentially the same flavor by the time you get it all mixed up with the other ingredients in RBR.
healthierkitchen November 29, 2010
I bet drbabs will have an answer for you! I'm not sure there is a big difference - the flavor is similar, but the red beans are quite a bit smaller which might affect cooking times. I use small red beans in my red beans and rice like in drbabs' recipe but have subbed kidney beans when I can't find them.
hardlikearmour November 29, 2010
The red beans and rice recipe I have uses kidney beans. I don't know how using other beans would change the texture or flavor. With the kidney beans it gets really creamy.
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