Glucose Substitue?

I was going to make Blueberry-Cream Cookies, and I have everything except for the 1/4 C glucose. Can I use corn syrup instead?

  • Posted by: Louisa
  • September 3, 2012


mensaque September 6, 2012
Corn syrup is glucose,but I don't like the taste.I always use honey instead.
HalfPint September 5, 2012
Here's where I got my Karo's Light corn syrup info and the ingredients are the same on my bottle of Karo's at home.
ChefOno September 5, 2012

I think if you check a consumer bottle you'll be surprised. Karo makes a big deal out of differentiating corn syrup from HFCS due to the public's naïveté and resulting hand-wringing about the products. The foodservice formula is slightly different but that changes little regarding its relative sweetness.
ChefOno September 5, 2012

You'll find glucose being sold under the name dextrose. It won't cost you much at a health food store. But more than sucrose from the grocer, and even more when you factor in that it's significantly less sweet so you'd have to use 25% more of it to get the same results. So I'm still interested in why someone would want to do that.

spiffypaws September 4, 2012
I was at Sur La Table yesterday and saw glucose syrup in the baking section. If the corn syrup yields a decent result, stick w/ that; it's a lot less expensive for the amount the recipe requires.
Louisa September 4, 2012
I'll try half and let you know how it turns out.
But if I were doing glucose where would I get it?
Thanks, everyone.
HalfPint September 4, 2012
try health food store or Whole Foods.
ChefOno September 4, 2012

Without getting too deep, corn syrup is basically glucose syrup. I haven't a clue why a cookie recipe would call for glucose instead of sucrose so normally I wouldn't stick my nose into this question. Half my brain is wondering how you would compensate for the water content of the syrup, half is wondering why someone would suggest using only half the amount of syrup in substitution. Anyone care to explain what they know?

HalfPint September 4, 2012
According to the Milkbar book, corn syrup is sweeter, because there's fructose and glucose in it and fructose is sweeter than glucose. The ingredient list for Karo's Light Corn Syrup is light corn syrup (primarily glucose), high fructose corn syrup, salt, and vanilla.
ChefOno September 5, 2012

I'm not following here. Corn syrup is the least sweet sweetener in the kitchen. On a scale of 100 (where sucrose is 100), corn syrup clocks in at 40. It contains no fructose, just glucose and long chain glucose molecules (plus 20% water). Pure glucose is roughly twice as sweet. Are you sure someone isn't getting HFCS and corn syrup confused? Also, there's no HFCS in Karo.

Louisa September 3, 2012
Thanks! I have a copy of the recipe, but not with comments.
petitbleu September 3, 2012
I seem to remember in the front of the Milkbar cookbook that Christina Tosi says you can sub corn syrup for glucose.
HalfPint September 4, 2012
I would also add that Tosi advises to use half the amount when substituting the corn syrup.
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