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How to select white chocolate?

For candy making and cookies, is there a better white chocolate or one of good value? or do you just go with a good chocolate maker's offering?

asked by nutcakes about 4 years ago
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added about 4 years ago

I learned from my one mass cookie dipping project: splurge on Valrhona Ivoire! The taste was head and shoulders above my 2 supermarket options, Bakers (melted OK but flavor was terrible) and Ghiardelli chips (did not melt).

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added about 4 years ago

White chocolate / white chips is a tricky and not necessarily intuitive subject. First off, most of it is really bad; you can't go by brand name alone. Second, white chocolate, with sufficient cocoa butter to legally carry that label, may or may not be the best product for a particular job. White chips melt and crystallize at different temperatures so can be a better choice (as long as they don't contain partially hydrogenated oils). Simply put, they're engineered for easier use. White chocolate, however, has a far superior and luxurious mouthfeel due to its higher cocoa fat content and typically better taste.

I've tasted a lot of different varieties side by side; my clear choice is Guittard. They make four types but you'll probably only find two in the retail channel -- a 31% cocoa butter disc and their white baking chips which, unfortunately, contain an unhealthful dose of trans fats. Whole Foods and Trader Joe's (last time I checked) both market passable chips.

In any case, buy the product fresh, keep it in a cool dark place and use it quickly, it goes rancid faster than the "best by" dates, especially real white chocolate.