I recently picked up a jar of vanilla bean paste. If a recipe calls for one vanilla bean, what's the appropriate amount of paste to sub?

  • Posted by: Kayb
  • November 21, 2010


Kayb November 21, 2010
Thanks, all!
campagnes November 21, 2010
ah, you're right, Soozll.. one tbsp = one bean. I was stuck on the equivalent of paste to extract.. I still think the paste about twice as strong as the extract, but that might be personal preference.
Soozll November 21, 2010
Neilson-Massey makes vanilla bean paste. It says on the jar that 1 tablespoon of vanilla bean paste equals 1 whole vanilla bean or 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract.
Kitchen B. November 21, 2010
Generally when a recipe calls for vanilla extract, 1/2 the amount of vanilla powder or paste should be used. Now I would definitely say a vanilla bean was about 3/4s of a teaspoon or a scant teaspoon though I've never used or made the paste. The powder and extract - yes. http://www.kitchenbutterfly.com/2010/06/09/how-to-make-vanilla-powder/
innoabrd November 21, 2010
I've not seen the paste. What is it, ground bean in some sort of vehicle?
campagnes November 21, 2010
Oooh, love vanilla bean paste! One teaspoon equals one bean.

I think I've read that vanilla bean paste can be subbed in equal amounts for vanilla extract, but I find that to be too strong.. usually 1/2 tsp. paste for 1 tsp. extract is perfect to me.
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