Zucchini garlic pasta

All I have is zucchini, garlic And cherry tomatoes and pasta or farro or quinoa. Creative ideas welcome. I will need dinner soon!

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Food O. September 6, 2012
This sounds good too, but I've eaten everything. Will try this next week. Thanks!
James D. September 6, 2012
I actually had the same ingredients on hand last night, but I also had some pickled hot cherry peppers, parsley and chicken stock on hand. If I were you, I would cut the zucchini into a medium dice, then brown them in some olive oil until golden, set them aside, add some minced garlic to the pan with addtl. olive oil, then add in the tomatoes which you would probably want to blanch and remove the skins. Cook the tomatoes to reduce some of the liquid and to concentrate the flavor. Then proceed to make the farro in a risotto manner, by slowly adding water or stock to it as it cooks. Towards the end when the farro is cooked but still al dente, I would add in the pan seared zucchini and tomatoes, maybe add a few knobs of butter to make it more velvety, then drizzle with some Extra Virgin olive oil. You could go further and add in some lemon zest or parsley, basil, but you should be able to make a decent dish with those ingredients. I love to make farro in this manner, then let it chill. It continues to absorb the flavors.
Food O. September 6, 2012
Delicious! Thanks
Sam1148 September 6, 2012
If you like threads of vegetables. A spiral vegetable slicer is a good gadget for raw or lightly cooked threads of vegetables, or for making potato threads to fry.
Sam1148 September 6, 2012
Make threads of the zuchhini with a vegetable peeler. Heat up a good deal of olive oil with cherry tomatoes until they start to break down a bit..turn down the heat add garlic. Toss the zucchini threads in that with some herbs. Top with cheese if you wish.

Serve your grain as a side dish.
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