Need advice on basic garlic & oil for truffle pasta

Hi, I have some fantastic truffle pasta just brought back from Italy... I want to dress it with a very basic oil + garlic sauce ("sauce"? maybe "glaze"? :-)... anyhow, while it's important that I don't steal too much flavor from the pasta (which is why I'm not going with a tomato sauce), I'd love advice on what else I should add to the oil, besides garlic.

John McCann


pierino October 8, 2011
I will politely disagree with the pepper flake suggestion. You don't want anything that is going to mask the truffle flavor. But I would definitely substitute butter for olive oil in a dish like this. Possibly work in some taleggio cheese.
JessicaBakes October 8, 2011
If you have high quality olive oil, now is the time to use it. A small pinch of red pepper flakes will also help enhance the flavor and, last but not least, a poached egg on top of your pasta could just bring it to that next level. Have fun with it!
wssmom October 8, 2011
Wow truffle pasta, lucky you!!! I wouldn't even mess with the basil, just go with some butter, some cooking liquid from the pasta, and parmesan cheese.
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