Recipe Contests

How would one navigate to see the archives of all recipe contests, not necessarily the recipes themselves, but the themes that have appeared here?



Amanda L. September 7, 2012
@NakedBeet - this might work: If you click on "Recipe Contests", there's a green button called "Past Contests" on the home carousel.
mrslarkin September 7, 2012
I don't think there is an archive of recipe contests, but I would LOVE to have that ability. I found only a year's worth of winners by clicking on the RECIPES tab above, then under CURRENT SEARCH click on Contest Winners and then Newest Recipes. Perhaps each contest theme could be added to the winning recipe so it's easier to identify when you're looking at the list view, instead of having to click through all the way to each recipe. So instead of it saying "CONTEST WINNER!" it could say "YOUR BEST BLAH BLAH CONTEST WINNER!"
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