Can you use sweet condensed milk in place of buttermilk in cornbread or should I just use 2% instead?



HalfPint September 9, 2012
No, condensed milk has a ton of sugar in it, not mention that it is as thick as molasses. You will get a flat and dense 'cake', that is very sweet. there is no acid in the sweet condensed milk to react with the baking soda, to leaven the cornbread. Even if there is baking powder, cornmeal can make the mixture extremely heavy and without the acid- base reaction of the buttermilk (acid) and the baking soda (base), you are not going get much rise in the cornbread batter. I second Esther Plume's recommendation for substituting with sour milk.
Esther P. September 9, 2012
I'd use normal milk, with a teaspoon of lemon juice, or vinegar mixed into it - a reasonable substitute for buttermilk.
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