salt crust prime rib, ala the leg of young pork in Francis Mallmann's 7 fires

hello -- a couple of years ago I was turned on to the fantastic 7 fires cookbook by your site. I have wanted to complete the salt crusted leg of young pork recipe, but have been unable to find a suitably sized leg (they're all far too big). Seeing your recent post about salt crusting a beef tenderloin got me to thinking about using Mallmann's salt crust with a prime rib, using the low heat method. Any impressions? I'm very intrigued, but don't want to be wrong with such an expensive cut of meat. Hoping to use this for a dinner with family this weekend if you think it would work.

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1 Comment

pierino September 10, 2012
First, regarding the pork leg, if you can find a REAL butcher they will cut the leg to your specification. But don't waste that shin part---there are plenty of things you can do with it. For prime rib I see no reason why you couldn't do the salt crust with some garlic and rosemary. BUT I take a counterintuitive approach and do an internal brine, although I will still rub the exterior with salt and herbs.
And yes, by the way, SEVEN FIRES is a very good book.
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