Can you substitute beef ribs in a recipe calling for pork ribs?

Saw a great recipe in this months Bon appetit that calls for slow roasting the ribs in the oven and then finishing on the grill with sauce My husband does not eat pork so I want to ask if anyone thinks I could sub out beef ribs. I would change the sauce to be more geared towards beef. But want to see what the community thinks about cooking time and temperature. Article says 2 hours for baby backs and 3 for spareribs oven at 350. (8lbs ribs)



ChefOno July 3, 2012

You can and I wouldn't be too quick to change the sauce.

But first, "slow roasting" or "braising"? If the latter, you can generally follow the same method for one animal as for another. There will be some difference in cooking time depending upon the size of the bone and the amount of meat attached thereto.

What is often sold in supermarkets as "beef ribs" are just trimmings from more expensive cuts and don't have a lot of the right stuff. (There are of course exceptions so please don't anyone from Texas beat me up over that statement.) You might want to look for English cut short ribs which have the right amount of fat and collagen to make for delectable braising. And grilling. And grinding into burgers. And… Wait, I'm giving away too many secrets again.

pierino July 3, 2012
ChefOno,you the man! On ribs it's the difference between Texas and the rest of the universe. Give me Kansas City, give me St. Louis, give me Memphis. Don't give me Texas which is all about beef. It's not a simple swap and switch. Beef ribs taste different than pork ribs and should be treated accordingl
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