Cooktop options for a kitchen renovation

Greetings, I planning a renovation of my Kitchen. I have made all of my appliance selections except for the cooktop. I currently use a Thermador professial 6 burner gas cooktop. I am intrigued by the Wolf induction cooktop. I have heard only glowing reviews of this product and I am seriously considering that option. My biggest reservation is the power it will provide for high temp searing and sautéing. I am comfortable with the need for magnetic pots and pans as my le crueset and all clad gear is compatible. The advantages of clean up and nimble response to temp changes are very alluring. Any insights/ opinions greatly appreciated. Ciao ciao. Lorenza.

  • Posted by: Lorenza
  • September 13, 2012


Melusine September 13, 2012
I have an induction burner sitting next to my gas cook top. After just a few weeks, I planned prep time around the induction burner, and now rarely use the gas. Obviously, I'm an induction cooktop fan. I agree w/Cooking in Colorado -- induction is faster, just as responsive as gas (I was amazed) and....and.....and...
CookingInColorado September 13, 2012
I love my induction cooktop. No flame to start a fire, the cooktop stays relatively cool. In fact, I keep a piece of parchment between my pans and the cooktop to prevent scratching. I have found the response to increasing/decreasing temperature control the same as with my previous experience with gas. And it is so easy to keep clean. I have had no problems with attaining high heat. In fact, living at high altitude I can get water to boil in half the time it took with a gas cooktop.
hardlikearmour September 13, 2012
I suggest getting a portable induction burner. They cost a few hundred dollars. You could give it a test drive to see how you like it before spending a lot on a new cooktop that you may not like as well as gas.
Reiney September 13, 2012
My parents have an induction - not a Wolf brand, Electrolux I think - but I still far prefer gas. Yes clean up is a breeze with induction but I miss the flame control and the ease of gas. Induction just isn't the same kind of heat.

Then again I might still be resentful that the induction malfunctioned on us 2 days before Christmas, resulting in me cooking a whole duck on a camping stove. Which brings me to my last point: gas is a lot easier to get repaired :)
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