Pumpkin Soup

I ate pumpkin soup in a restaurant in Salzburg and it was the best soup I think I've ever eaten. Does anyone have a recipe for pumpkin soup? I've tried some I've found on the internet but none have come close.

Champa Paul


Champa P. September 16, 2012
Maedl, I speak German. I lived in Berlin for three years and two in Bonn. So I shouldn't have any trouble with the recipe. Thanks so much! I'll check out the recipe you recommended.
Maedl September 16, 2012
Any chance that you might read enough German to understand this recipe? http://www.kochbar.de/rezept/340249/Hokkaido-Kuerbissuppe-mit-Creme-fraiche.html

It is a fairly standard recipe for pumpkin cream soup. Let me know if you can't figure it out and I'll translate it for you--but I'm leaving tomorrow to WWOOF in France and I'm a bit rushed at the moment. Once I get settled, though, I can translate it.

Meanwhile, you can try to get some pumpkin seed oil! It isn't cheap in the US (not cheap here, either), but it packs a nutty flavor that adds a lot to the final dish. It's lush over vanilla ice cream with a few candied pumpkin seeds crushed on top in case you get an oversupply!

The German word 'Kurbis' seems to include all sorts of squashes, not just pumpkins. I've even seen gourds at the market sold as 'Kurbis.' It probably comes from the same root as cucurbit, the Latin name for plants related to squashes, cucumbers, etc.
Champa P. September 16, 2012
I'm pretty sure it was actually kuerbis that was used. But I've been fooled before. I think it did have oil and there was definitely some sort of cream swirled on top. It was incredibly creamy and smooth. Beyond that, I'm not sure how to describe it.
Maedl September 16, 2012
Can you describe the soup? Did any special flavorings stand out? Pumpkin soup (and pumpkin ravioli) are extremely popluar in Germany and Austria and there are countless recipes. Just to note, butternut squash often masquerades as pumpkin here. And pumpkin seed oil is often dribbled on top of the soup, along with whipped cream. This adds lots of flavor!
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