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Egg Substitutes for Tres Leche Cake

I'm planning on baking a cake for my brother's bday and found this coconut tres leche cake that would be perfect

Only thing is that more than 90% of the party guests don't eat eggs for religious reasons. A few recipes I've researched online suggest separating the yolks & whites and then mixing in together with the other ingredients. What are some good egg substitutes that will help achieve the same results (considering tres leche recipes call for 5-6 eggs!!!)? I have Enger Egg Replacer as an option and I'm hesitant about using apple sauce & bananas because I don't want to those flavors to come thru. I'm planning on make a test batch today but I'm curious to know what other options folks have used in the past. I've come across agar agar as an option. Another question I have is 1) do I use the Ener G for the egg yolk part of the recipe and 2) do I also use the agar agar option for the egg whites part of the recipe? Thanks in advance!

asked by Lost_in_NYC over 4 years ago
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added over 4 years ago

I found you two recipes for eggless tres leches cake. Both are also vegan, but if you can use the dairy, go ahead and make the milk mixture from your recipe.