Baking without egg whites

I have been on an elimination diet for several months trying to figure out some health issues and have discovered I have a pretty strong adverse reaction to egg whites. I can eat yolks without any issues. Is there a way to convert baking recipes that use whole eggs to just use the yolks? I’ve read about gelatin eggs - could I use a combo of those with the yolks?

  • Posted by: ktr
  • April 5, 2019


Megan G. April 8, 2019
I've only used this substitution once before, but here is another suggestion you can try experimenting with!

Flax "Egg":
Nancy April 7, 2019
If you can tolerate soy, I can recommend soft tofu as a substitute for eggs in most baking (and to make a faux-scrambled-eggs). Whip or puree it, then add to wets in things like quick breads and pancakes. Gives both the binding and (some of) the raising effects of eggs. Doesn't work, from many years' experience as a vegetarian, when you want something to replace meringue.
ktr April 7, 2019
That’s a good suggestion, however I can’t tolerate soy either. Discovering all these foods is frustrating but I’m so happy to finally be feeling good. Thank you to everyone for all the suggestions.
BerryBaby April 6, 2019
Try my Fluffy Scone eggs! It is so fun changing up the flavors. Cranberry orange is my favorite. I have tried blueberries and lemon zest....chocolate chips (they turn out like fluffy chocolate chip cookies...use tablespoon size)...pecans and chopped dates. It's an easy fun recipe!
ktr April 6, 2019
Unfortunately there are a few ingredients in those that I can’t eat. But, I think I might try making them for my kids to have for breakfast this week. Thank you for the suggestion.
ktr April 7, 2019
I made a double batch of the scones today. My husband ate 3 and both kids ate one, so I’d say they were a hit!
Stephanie B. April 5, 2019
You could also consider subbing aquafaba for egg whites in baked goods where eggs whites are crucial, like meringues. I think this works for some cakes too, but you'd have to look more into that - I remember reading somewhere that aquafaba doesn't make great angel food cakes.
ktr April 5, 2019
That’s a good idea too. Thank you!
Ttrockwood April 5, 2019
It depends what you’re baking, recipes for cookies, quickbreads and muffins are all fairly forgiving. Generally one egg is 3TB, so you could use the yolk (approx 1TB) plus 2TB of an egg replacer such as applesauce, bob’s red mill egg replacer, EnerG egg replacer (which is great, been around for decades), or a flax egg (ground flax mixed with water.
ktr April 5, 2019
Thank you! I will have to start experimenting! I hadn’t thought about there being products to replace eggs.
Ttrockwood April 7, 2019
I found this super helpful chart as well as a comprehensive article here
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