I have a jar of some preserved Mayer lemons, Although I could gaze upon its beauty forever, what dishes (vegetarian) can I use it in?

Looking for vegetarian recipes that I could incorporate these home made beauties



darksideofthespoon October 26, 2012
My favorite dish with preserved lemons is roasted cauliflower with preserved lemon (minced). Put in a heat safe dish - top with grated parm, bread crumbs and lastly, an egg yolk. Broil quickly, so that the cheese melts but the yolk is still runny. AMAZING.
Panfusine October 26, 2012
love the cauliflower idea, THanks!
Dan S. October 25, 2012
Think of dishes where you would use lemon - pasta, seafood or dishes with chickpeas.
AntoniaJames October 3, 2012
In guacamole with grains of paradise and a good squeeze of fresh lemon juice. ;o)
Brain H. October 2, 2012
Make Pasta with Brussels Sprouts, Lemon and Almonds (leave out the bacon if you must):http://www.jacksonholefoodie.com/1/category/pasta%20with%20brussels%20sprouts/1.html.

Or whir them into a Lemony Caesar Salad:

Here's my favorite though: Morel-Smothered Chicken (use any seasonal fresh mushroom, and make vegetarian by leaving out the chicken and serving over polenta). http://www.jacksonholefoodie.com/1/category/morel%20smothered%20chicken/1.htmlhttp://www.jacksonholefoodie.com/1/category/morel%20smothered%20chicken/1.html
JustSomeCook October 2, 2012
Preserved lemons are especially good with deeply grilled vegetables. The dark, bitter, char plays amazingly well with the salty brightness of the lemon. Try one quarter of a lemon finely minced with a half pound of grilled brussle sprouts, some olive oil, salt and a touch of red pepper flake.
cookbookchick October 2, 2012
They are beautiful, aren't they? I made some, too and they make a lovely jarful. So far I've used one for seasoning a chicken. It's great to have some other ideas!
susan G. October 2, 2012
A favorite of mine which originated in a food magazine from New Zealand, DISH -- and the inspiration for
IlovePhilly October 1, 2012
Anything! And I'm not kidding. I've mixed them into homemade butter, served them over eggs, on any pasta dish. I've made preserved lemon salad dressing. Last week, I sliced the rinds thin and used them for cocktail garnish on a lemon thyme gin and tonic. The are my favorite condiment after kimchi and other ferments, I think.
Have fun!!!
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