im in a competition where i should Cook without heat,without baking nor im using fridge.. what main course dishes can i do and a dessert?

only Vegetarian dishes

  • Posted by: Deepika
  • February 27, 2017


caninechef February 28, 2017
I suggest you look at recipes for salad nicoise. It is a composed salad usually with an array of vegetables, some type of cold fish ( you can used canned) and perhaps eggs which are probably out if you cannot hard boil them. Some of the traditional components while served cold are cooked ( green beans, potatoes) but maybe you can find substitutes or just take the general idea and substitute in ingredients that you have available and meet the criteria.
QueenSashy February 27, 2017
Ha! That is a challenge.

You could do ceviche, crudo or beef carpaccio, but they are worrisome if you cannot use fridge. So you might be better sticking to raw foods. Can you use canned foods?

This is highly experimental but I've seen some recipes on the web that use ground sunflower and/or pumpkin seeds with celery, scallions and spices to make "raw" falafel. You can then serve it with tahini, tzatziki and perhaps raw carrot hummus, or chickpea hummus for a filling meal. And parsley sauce, sort of like salsa verde or chimichurri.

You could spiralize zucchini and then serve them with pesto of your choice. Just like you would serve a pasta dish.

You could slice zucchini thinly lengthwise, season them with lemon, salt, pepper and herbs, and then use to make raw cannelloni. Fill them with ricotta, grated parmesan and olives. Drizzle with balsamic.

If you are allowed beans and chickpeas from a can, try making a cold tomato bean stew. Use tomatoes or gazpacho as a base, and then add garbanzo beans, and chopped peppers, cucumbers and olives. Lots of olive oil and garlic. And big chunks of hearty bread.

If you are ok using fresh egg whites you can make marzipan. Or you can use corn syrup instead of the whites. You can fill dates or dried apricots with marzipan, that is a beloved Middle Easter delicacy. Or add ground chocolate to half of the paste and then make little black and white marzipan shapes.

And please keep us posted.
Deepika February 28, 2017
I'm an indian and ur dishes are new to me.. can u help me out..
Lauren February 27, 2017
You can use a vitamix to "cook without heat". Lots of people who do raw diets make soups in a vitamix because the power of the blender will warm food but it's not hot enough to count as cooked. You can use a julienne peeler or mandolin to make "noodles" out of vegetables.
brenda February 27, 2017
no cook oatmeal cookies
Deepika February 28, 2017
We should bake it right??but my question is not to cook nor bake
C S. February 27, 2017
The only thing that comes to mind for "cooking" without heat, is ceviche - or the Polynesian version oka i'a where acid rather than heat "cooks" by denaturing proteins. Otherwise it sounds like assembling ingredients. Good luck.
Nancy February 27, 2017
There is also sun tea.
And chopping & assembling a salad.
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