Seasoning cast iron

I'm in the process of seasoning my cast iron pan. I've already gone through the process three times, coating the entire pan in oil before baking it. I'm planning on doing this three more times. Do I need to coat the entire thing in oil each time from now on, or can I get away with just doing the inside?



trampledbygeese January 27, 2013
The instructions I've read always have you wash/wipe out the oil in-between seasoning and then oil again. Sources vary, but most have you just coating the inside for the second and (if applicable third) go.

Personally, I don't season more than once at a time. I season twice a year (at the vernal and fall equinox as an easy way to remember when) and I just do it once. Cote liberally inside and out with oil, bake at 300 for 1 hour, leave in oven util it's still warm but I can touch it, and wipe out the oil. Then the next day, I'll fry something in the pan like onions in bacon fat. I'll do it even if I don't need them for a recipe. It seems to 'set' the finish on the pan. Without this extra step, the seasoning will start to wear off in a month or 6 weeks instead of lasting 6 months.

Though, keep in mind, I'm naughty and wash my cast iron in with the rest of the dishes, so that's probably why I need to season so often.
cookbookchick January 27, 2013
I have a lot of cast iron. I would suggest three times is plenty - now just cook with it. Something in fat like fried chicken would be ideal. As I'm sure you know, it will get better with each use. But if you want to season some more without cooking in it, I think you would be fine just seasoning the inside of the pan at this point.
WannabeBaker January 27, 2013
Please read my question fully before answering. I'm asking about a specific part of the seasoning process that, from searching "season cast iron," has not been asked or answer on the hotline.
sexyLAMBCHOPx January 27, 2013
Do a hotline search for your question. Lots of answers regarding seasoning a cast iron pan
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