Places to eat in Providence Rhode Island?

I will be in Providence Rhode Island for a whole week! I went on and there are soo many recommendations. I want to hear from the FD52 foodies about good places to definitely check out. Please help!



Pegeen September 17, 2013
Here are some tips from, Michael & Jane Stern's web site and radio show (regular feature on Lynne Rossetto Kasper's NPR "Splendid Table" cooking show):

Any trip in New England is great... enjoy!
Kate September 17, 2013
If you are looking for food trucks in Providence, try this list:
lastnightsdinner October 5, 2012
ALSO - if you're going to be there for a week, I can give you more and more detailed recommendations. I'd be happy to shoot you an email :D
adamnsvetcooking October 5, 2012
Great!! my email is [email protected]

lastnightsdinner October 5, 2012
Just moved back to NYC after 4.5 years in Providence, so I have some thoughts for sure :) As Cathy said above, Nicks and Farmstead/La Laiterie, are not to be missed. Nicks has the best brunch in town, so that would be my call if you're looking for a brunch spot. New Rivers also has incredible food, and added lunch service this summer (right after we left, unfortunately). If you're a fan of oysters, they have a great oyster happy hour deal (I forget which night, but they always talk it up on Twitter). For more casual fare, there is a great food truck scene, which started with Chez Pascal's Hewtin's Dogs Mobile truck (the inspiration for my f52 pork burger), but which now includes Mama Kim's Korean BBQ, Mijos Tacos (do not miss the lengua), Rocket Fine Street Foods, and so many others. (Full disclosure: most of the chef/owners of the above-mentioned restaurants and trucks became friends while we lived there, so I may be a little biased... but seriously, these guys are putting out incredible food.) Enjoy!
lastnightsdinner October 5, 2012
OK! I just sent about a novel's-worth of recommendations :)
MrsWheelbarrow October 5, 2012
Nicks on Broadway and Farmstead!
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