If I can't find the salt-packed anchovies, do you still recommend soaking the oil-in-tin ones? Please don't hurry an answer. I wanted something...

...between "quickly" and "I'll check site periodically". Thank you



JustSomeCook October 8, 2012
Rinse them off under a faucet for a minute, just to get the excess salt off the exterior, then continue with recipe as written.
pierino October 7, 2012
If you can't find salt packed anchovies, please avoid the tinned ones (typically from Morocco) altogether. That's why so many people hate (or think they hate) anchovies. A perfectly good substitute would be to buy the jarred style from Italy or Spain. A quick rinse is all they need. I did a house made caesar tonight using that method. I refer to the tinned kind as "pizza anchovies". Yuck!
Kristen M. October 7, 2012
I asked Anna about this and she recommended just rinsing the oil-packed ones well -- you'll want to adjust the final dressing to your taste anyway, and the soaking is just there to reduce the saltiness of the salt-packed kind. In fact, I tried soaking the oil-packed ones in milk overnight and they basically disintegrated. Do not recommend!
HalfPint October 10, 2012
Lactic acid in milk softens proteins so that's why the fish disintegrated. But a quick soak of about 30 minutes should fine and de-salt the anchovies.
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