Anyone ever dehydrate frozen blueberries?

Help me on this please if you have experience. When trying to dehydrate blueberries that have been frozen, would I still need to put them in boiling water for under a minute to crack the skin? Would I need to poke each one with a toothpick? Would I need to defrost first? I'm concerned about the moisture.


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JustSomeCook October 8, 2012
Nah, freezing has done what cooking would have, burst the cell walls. You should be fine defrosting in the fridge then dehydrating.

Kristen M. October 8, 2012
You want the skins to break so that moisture can escape in the dehydrator, and the easiest way to do so would still be to blanch them in boiling water until the skins crack, as opposed to piercing each one individually. No need to defrost them from frozen first -- they'll heat up quickly enough in the hot water.
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