If I'm making a blueberry pie with frozen berries do I need to alter the recipe?

Jenny Preston


ChezHenry October 30, 2014
It also depends on the type of blueberry. Wild bluberries are less juicy in my experience, withe their concentrated flavor and great mouth feel, Id go that route if you can find them for a pie.
ChefJune October 30, 2014
No matter how well you drain/dry them, I would expect them to throw off more lliquid than fresh berries. You'll probably need more thickener, though how much I couldn't say without being there to see them.
drbabs October 30, 2014
I would thaw them first and drain them really well and dry them first. (but I don't claim to be an expert. I would just try to get them to be as much like fresh blueberries as possible.)
ChezHenry October 30, 2014
You can always thaw them and dry them off if they have alot of ice on them. Alternatively, rinse under cold water to thaw and dry thoroughly. This is a trick to prevent your blueberry muffins bake up without the batter turning green/blue when using frozen berries....
nutcakes October 30, 2014
Until an expert comes along....I think I would expect a little bit more moisture and put a bit of extra of whatever you are using for the thickening agent.
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