The first time I made this, the results were outstanding. Yum! But when I made it the second time, it was pretty curdled and the fat had separated...

... out. The difference was that I mixed second batch with hand-held mixer, and the mascarpone was not at room temp. Yikes! Where did I go wrong

Nectarine Slump
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Amanda H. October 9, 2012
Thank you -- what a great lecture program SAL is, was honored to be a part of it.
Amanda H. October 8, 2012
What they said -- because I'm not sure, and am bummed this happened to you.
judyschwab October 9, 2012
Me too! It was soooooo delicious the first time, I couldn't wait to make it for my dad. Major disappointment that it didn't turn out for him. But I will try again with these tips. Thanks, Amanda.
PS Loved your lecture at SAL in Seattle!
Reiney October 8, 2012
I'm going to suggest that the eggs weren't incorporated properly into the creamed butter. When mixing a batter like this you want to keep the mixture as homogenous as possible, which means gradually incorporating eggs (instead of all at once). Next time try beating the eggs together in a separate bowl, and pour a bit of the mixture in at a time - beat it in, then add a bit more.

You may have also overcreamed the butter a bit - easy to do with an electric mixer. Use slightly softened, but not soft, butter and take it only until the mix lightens in colour.
Nozlee S. October 8, 2012
My only guess is that the cold mascarpone didn't fully incorporate into the rest of the batter, leaving globules of butterfat instead of a smooth batter. If you make it again, be sure that all of the ingredients are at the same temperature, and don't be afraid to whip the heck out of the batter (pre-flour, of course -- that should just be folded in) to make sure it is all fully incorporated.
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