Mascarpone is grainy and yellow!

I was making mascarpone cheesecake and left my mascarpone at room temperature for about half an hour to an hour to soften it up. When i proceeded to try to mix it with a rubber spatula (without adding anything), it looked all grainy. I thought maybe the temperature was off so I heated it a little in the microwave (10 seconds) and it became liquid and yellowish. I’ve put it in the fridge and it hardened but is still yellowish.

First, I am wondering why it was already grainy when I hadn’t even added anything to it. I just opened the package and it’s best by date is October so I don’t believe it’s an issue of it being too old.

Second, what could I do with the yellowish mascarpone? Savory or sweet ideas are welcome.

  • Posted by: sy14000
  • August 1, 2021


drbabs August 2, 2021
This actually came up before….not that that helps you, but could it have been frozen?
sy14000 August 2, 2021
Thanks! I never froze it myself before but I suppose it’s possible it had gotten frozen at the store.
Happygoin August 2, 2021
I know this is going to sound snarky, and honest, I don’t mean it to be. Is there any chance the label says Ricotta instead of Mascarpone?

If not, I’m with drbabs...I’d return it to the store. I surely wouldn’t use it.
sy14000 August 2, 2021
Haha, nope it’s definitely mascarpone! And when I opened it it definitely wasn’t grainy.
drbabs August 2, 2021
Yikes, that just seems wrong. Did you taste it? It sounds really unpleasant. If it were me, I’d return it to the store.
sy14000 August 2, 2021
Yes I did and it seemed fine! It also looked fine before I started to mix it.
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