A question about a recipe: Nectarine Slump

I'm intrigued by the cheese plus fruit combination here, but have been asked to make an apple dessert. (I'm also dying to try mrslarkin's mascarpone recipe, now that my Meyers are finally ripe.) If you wanted to make this with apples, would you cook the sliced apples before covering with the dough and baking? Would you cut the apples into small chunks? I have some really gorgeous, somewhat tart but perfectly crisp Braeburns. I'm thinking about adding a few toasted, sliced almonds, too. Thanks, everyone. ;o)

Nectarine Slump
Recipe question for: Nectarine Slump


nutcakes December 23, 2011
That topping just doesn't sound appealing with apples to me. I'd stick to the apple / aged cheddar pairing, something I seldom think of and that I tend to think others don't either, beyond the fruit and cheese platter. Or maybe a dolce latte gorgonzola mixed into the marscarpone.
Amanda H. December 23, 2011
Yes -- what Merrill said!
Merrill S. December 23, 2011
I'm sure Amanda will weigh in here, but yes, I would saute the apples in a little butter before putting them in the pan -- just until they start to soften.
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