Can anyone recommend good recipes for preschool snacks that are nut-free?



QueenSashy October 8, 2012
I always pushed for new little foods that involved veggies, as I felt that kids are getting way too much sugar. My daughter loved little hummus sandwiches, zucchini pancakes, I also used to make vegetable dips for crackers. White meat cubes...
Kristen W. October 8, 2012
These are simple, but for preschoolers I think simple is great: yogurt and fruit (fruit can be on the side or mixed in; if you want to get fancy you can make parfaits); crackers and string cheese (Annie's Organic whole grain bunny crackers have both kid-appeal and nutritive value, which is always a plus); crudités with ranch dressing are also a hit with my three-year old.

Hope that helps; good luck!
Nozlee S. October 8, 2012
Here are two really great threads about nut- and allergen-free kids' snacks:

Let us know what you take!
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