Is there a way to roast garlic without oil?

I'm doing the Health Starts Here 28 Day Challenge and would love to incorporate roasted garlic -- only problem I can't use oil. Suggestions?

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HalfPint October 10, 2012
Benny, for a few cloves of garlic to add to your dish, yes, a stovetop is preferable to turning on the oven. And it takes about 10 minutes, not 40. No special equipment required.
HalfPint October 10, 2012
My friend's 'roasted' garlic is more like 'toasted' garlic. She puts whole unpeeled garlic in a dry frying pan and heats it, constanting stirring, until the garlic is cooked. This produces garlic with a roasted flavor, no oil to deal with and is great during the summer when the last thing you want to do is turn on the oven.
Benny October 10, 2012
is turning on an oven in the summer better or worse than standing over a hot stove top constantly stirring like a risotto? I have a counter top electric oven that works perfectly for small things like roasted garlic. Doesn't raise the kitchen temperature at all and I roast garlic in it quite often!
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Great! Thank you!
Reiney October 9, 2012
Oil's not needed regardless of your diet :)

- Cut the bulb at the root end, to expose all the cloves - cutting the top only exposes some of them.

- Sprinkle some water - a teaspoon or so - to help steam and wrap bulb tightly in foil. If you want you can make a little pedestal of foil to set the packet on, to prevent the bottom of the garlic from burning.

- Low and slow: 250F-300F or so until caramelized, about 90 minutes or so (will depend on oven, cooking pan, size of garlic, etc. - just check it at 45-60 minutes and every 20 minutes or so after that).

Michael H. October 9, 2012
I would try cutting the tops of of garlic heads, seasoning them with salt and pepper (and herbs, if you like), wrapping each one in foil, and roasting them dry at 400? for about 45 minutes or until soft. The result won't be the same as if you'd used oil, but you should be able to get that sweet, mild garlic flavor you're after.
ChefJune October 9, 2012
I always roast garlic this way. No oil. Very luscious and creamy results.
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