half and half substitute

A recipe for an onion/sweet potato tart calls for 1 and 1/2 cups of half and half. Can I substitute milk instead to make it more healthy?



Karenmwaters October 13, 2012
Thank you all, I think I will keep the half and half!!!!
SeaJambon October 11, 2012
As one of my close friends says: "Fat equals flavor". So, maybe think of half and half as the healthy alternative to full cream ... ;)
ChefOno October 11, 2012

Without seeing the recipe it's difficult to be certain but, in general, you could make the substitution but you'd be sacrificing flavor and mouthfeel. You could also substitute nonfat milk or plain water...

Kristen M. October 11, 2012
It might help to see the recipe you're using -- milk may work fine (especially if it's whole milk). The only risk is that lower fat dairy is more likely to break and look curdled when it boils, but other ingredients can sometimes protect against that.
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