Nut Free Pesto

I have so many recipes that call for pesto. However, due to my child's nut allergy (pretty much all tree nuts and peanuts) we have a nut-free house. Help! I would love to continue using the recipes I have.



ChefJune October 11, 2012
Don't substitute anything! Leave the nuts out altogether. In France the same yummy mixture of basil, garlic, parm and olive oil is called "Pistou." And they don't use any nuts!

As my Dad would have said, "Nuts to you!"

They're simply not necessary.
HalfPint October 11, 2012
Leave it out or substitute seeds like above. I make a basil pesto that is nut free. It's from Patricia Wells and she calls it a Light Basil Sauce. All you do is puree basil, a little garlic, and salt. It freezes very well. When I make pesto pasta, I just add the an egg yolk and cheese to the pesto toss with the hot pasta, and maybe a litte bit of the pasta water, if needed. It's my favorite pesto pasta recipe and I can make in my sleep. I also use the pesto on sandwiches, and in soups.
HalfPint October 11, 2012
oops sorry, forgot the olive oil in the recipe. just puree basil, garlic, salt and pour in oil to make a sauce/paste.
FutureChef October 11, 2012
Substitute seeds (pumpkin, sunflower, sesame, or mix) or go the gremolata route.
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