any hope for peanut free tree nuts of all kinds?

Need to do a peanut free tree nut challenge of every nut...can not find sources at all! Please help.

  • Posted by: sile
  • October 22, 2014


bigpan October 22, 2014
I think you are meaning you are looking for a peanut (that is not a treenut, and a different allergy source). Therefore to be safe, I would suggest buying peanuts in the shell, that is, unprocessed by any factory that might cross contaminate, and shell them yourself, roast, and use as you wish.
Perhaps consult an allergy specialist doctor, or naturalpath.
Susan W. October 22, 2014
I think tree nuts are often processed with peanuts (legumes) and soybeans which are two common allergens, but maybe you are right. Hard to say by the wording.
Susan W. October 22, 2014
I just checked Amazon and they have nothing. Have you tried calling stores like Whole Foods or similar stores? Also, have you googled for sources?
sile October 22, 2014
Yes. Peanut free tree nut sources to buy them>
Susan W. October 22, 2014
I don't really understand. Do you mean you need to find nuts that has not been processed in a plant that processes peanuts?
sile October 22, 2014
Yes, correct. A peanut free treenut. Everything is processed in a facility that processes peanuts.
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