lookn for a great (store bought) salad dressing for BLT Pasta Salas

catering for a large party tomo and someone requested a BLT Pasta Salad very last minute. dont have the time to get creative, can anyone recommend a great store bought brand of dressing tht would work? perhaps a buttermilk? or something mayo based? TIA

Donna Saur


Mayola P. November 25, 2021
Try this brand of mayonnaise

Ben P. October 17, 2012
I know this is way too late, but just in case someone else comes looking for an answer to this, Hidden Valley makes a Bacon Ranch. Since BLT's have bacon and mayo, it seems to me like it'd be a solid way to get some of that flavor on to pasta.

If it were me, like everyone else who answered, I'd probably make my own vinaigrette of some sort with sundried tomatoes, bacon, and olive oil. Or, if I'm feeling really unhealthy, I would pull some of the bacon fat out of my freezer and use that instead of olive oil...
HalfPint October 12, 2012
Toss your BLT salad with mayo and small amount of sugar. This is a riff off of the Layered Salad that's topped by a layer of mayo mixed with a little sugar. It sounds strange but that sugar gives the mayo and nice tang. I think it would totally work for your BLT salad.
Kenzi W. October 12, 2012
I don't have a store-bought recommendation for you, but the one in this recipe is super simple, and probably cheaper to make for a large party than buying dressing already made!

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