Avacado salad dressing

42 years ago, when we lived in Southern California, my wife found an avacado salad dressing that used a dry mix made by "Great Beginnings". We moved to Ohio and could not find it in the grocery stores and just assumed it was a regional item and forgot about it. Digging through some old recipe boxes recently we found the avacado dressing recipe and tried to find it on the internet with no luck. Did Great Beginnings go out of business? We can't find a similar dry mix product either. It was a very simple recipe which only called for sour cream, mayonnaise, buttermilk and the dry mix. Any suggestions?

Richard Lundell


Nancy July 12, 2017
From your description and the ingredients, the dressing sounds like a version of ranch dressing (many companies were competing with the very popular Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing).
You can probably find an easy homemade version (for serving over avocado or incorporating it) online or in cookbooks.
Jr0717 July 11, 2017
After some internet digging, I found this eBay posting for a packet of the dressing mix:

It appears that it was made by Kraft, which I think has now since replaced this brand with Good Seasons salad dressing mix:


It might be worth emailing Kraft if you are still curious - I'm kind of curious now, actually - but from what I can tell, its not manufactured anymore.

I hope this helps somewhat! If you learn more, I'd love to hear about it!
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