School Lunch Ideas

Could you please help me with some vegetarian school lunch ideas for picky eaters?
I'm tired of sending same things over and over. No rush. but please answer thanks

Dimple Patel


lloreen October 12, 2012
Hummus and falafel with cucumbers in whole wheat pita?
I guess it depends on what picky means...
check out bento boxes online - you can get these cute little molds that will shape hardboiled eggs into hearts or trucks - what kid can resist that? If you cut veggies into cute shapes, they will eat those too!
or onigiri (triangle rice patties) with a protein filling, typically tuna or salmon, but if your kids don't eat fish, you could do marinated and baked tofu diced up finely instead

baby carrots with hummus or yoghurt dip and tea sandwiches with jam and cream cheese
Nothing wrong with cheese, crackers, and sliced fruit!
Dimple P. October 14, 2012
thanks, those are some great ideas. I will try them out. Where do you buy the molds?
Summer O. October 12, 2012
Roasted vegetable sandwich - eggplant, peppers, zucchini + cheese. Any sort of mix of Mediterranean fare such as hummus, dolmades, pita, baba ganoush, veggies. Egg salad or pimento cheese sandwich. Or just a regular vegetable sandwich, often times I make a sandwich with shaved carrots, lettuce, tomato, peppers, avocado, cheese, or whatever is in the veggie drawer. Cold bean and cheese burrito. Onigiri are fun. Empanadas, tamales, cold frittatas, quiche or tortilla espanola. As mentioned previously soups in a thermos, vegetable, potato + leek, butternut squash, lentil. Couscous or quinoa salad, pasta. crepes. Veggie pizza or paella. Sesame or rice noodles, spring rolls.
Dimple P. October 14, 2012
I will try the cold been and cheese burrito first. You gave me so many ideas. Thank you!! :)
Marian B. October 12, 2012
A few more ideas:
North African Stew:
Tarines with Avocado and Radishes:
The ever-popular One Pot Quinoa and Kale Pilaf:
And, of course, a hearty Minestrone:

Dimple P. October 14, 2012
I never thought of ministrone in a school lunch but Its a great idea.
Marian B. October 12, 2012
These Zucchini Quinoa burgers are delicious in a sandwich OR on top of a salad:
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