little tiny ants

I've recently noticed little tiny ants in my kitchen. I am super duper clean, anal even, and I'm thinking this may be food related as I've found them by food. Any ideas of why I'm having this problem and what I can do to stop it asap.

  • Posted by: ATG117
  • October 12, 2012


hardlikearmour October 13, 2012
I have good luck with Frontline spray - about once a year the ants find the cat food bowls in the laundry. I lay down a line of the Frontline, and the ants take the fipronil back to the nest. W/in a day I quit seeing them.
mensaque October 13, 2012
Do you have plants around your kitchen?They may be coming from the vases...If you see a line forming,follow the leader to find out where their home inside your home is,Then spray them with your regular spray.There's no need for any specific poison.Are you moving in or out,by any chance?Cause in Brazil,there's this superstitious thought that those tiny red ants mean you're going to move soon.Maybe cause you can't put up sharing your house with ants.
drbabs October 13, 2012
If you can leave the ants alone, ant traps will work. The ants take the food (poison) to the queen, subsequently killing the whole nest. But you have to let them live for a few days to allow it to work.
sdebrango October 13, 2012
My home was over run with ants in the Spring, I think it was because we had an extremely warm winter last year. They were everywhere, in my parlor, drawers, countertops, freezer cupboards. They were tiny ants just like you said. I had a eco friendly exterminator come and use some sort of non toxic gel which really didn't do much then I tried the gel that Chef Ono described and it worked like a charm. I put it where I thought they were coming in, away from pets and food etc... like magic they all disappeared. I am hoping for a normal winter this year so that there is not a repeat of last year.
Sam1148 October 12, 2012
At least their tiny ants and not THEM. just in time for Halloween.

ChefOno October 12, 2012

What's really fun is when they find their way into your freezer. Where they freeze. By the million. Then, as you're vacuuming them up, they come back to life. Imagine that scene for a minute.

I've had success with two products recently. There's a spray based on oil of lemongrass that I purchased thinking it would be okay to use in the kitchen. Way, way too strong an odor. Worked in the garage however. What did work was Raid's new ant gel. One drop as close to their entrance as possible and instantly no more ants. I've never seen anything work so well before. It's a bait they take back to their nest and, apparently, no more nest. But as Sam says, different ants may be after different things so…

pierino October 12, 2012
The good thing about ants is that they carry out there own dead...until they get killed by the tiny spiders that lurk in the corners of my bathroom. But yes, the little ones seem to want to go all Jonestown underneath the soap bottle next to the sink.
Sam1148 October 12, 2012
Depends on what type of ant they are...some ants like sugar. Others like fats--even soap and soap scum in the bathroom.

All ants like water...and with drought conditions. They'll go inside to find a water splash or ice cube under the kick-plate could attract them..and with cooler weather, some just like a warm space.

You can use commercial sprays (which work best)..or more 'green' solutions like borax powders, Diatomaceous Earth.
Find and follow the trails and use a bleach solution to clean that trail area; ants leave a chemical signature for other ants to follow saying "hey, water/fat/sugar here...follow me".

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