Are you an artist? Are your creations food-related? Tell me all!

We recently learned that one of you creates super cool food truck collages (we'll share soon, promise) and we want to know who else is making paintings of pomegranates or squash sculptures. Share in the comments (don't forget a link to your website or photos on Instagram (or wherever))!

Or you can email me directly: [email protected]

Lindsay-Jean Hard


QueenSashy October 4, 2016
Alright... So I make these doodles with food, not sure that it makes me an artist :) but it is a ton load of fun
Picholine October 4, 2016
Most us that are artists eventually look at the eggplant we are about to slice and make a dish admire the colors. Often I grab a few other things to go with it and set up a still life. I'll take a few photos or start painting right then. Here's an example of some apples in a Bennington Bowl.
sydney October 3, 2016
@aargersi Hi Abbie, You're a sweetie! If I ever make any money at it I'll let you know (and raise a glass to you)! :-D
sydney October 3, 2016
Thanks for asking! :-) I'm formally wine-educated (WSET Diploma level) and I illustrate, animate, and paint on wine. My work is on my site, on Instagram, and in my colouring book.
Cheers to all! :-)
aargersi October 3, 2016
OK well you are a super cool person and WINE ARTIST = BEST JOB EVER. Well done you! On a life gone right!!!
Susan W. October 4, 2016
I LOVE LOVE your coloring book.
sydney October 4, 2016
@Susan W, Thank you, Susan, for compliment! So glad to hear! :-D
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