Vegetarian ideas for the Super Bowl?

I'm making the game day food this year and most Super Bowl suggestions are heavy on the meat. Any vegetarian ideas that go well with football would be appreciated. Thank you.



GsR February 5, 2016
Lesley S. February 4, 2016
Try Deborah Madison's bean chili in VCFE. Fabulous flavour. Make with her buttermilk corn bread and you're set!
Exbruxelles February 4, 2016
Almost everyone likes guacamole.
Nancy February 4, 2016
look for regional foods from the two teams. People from Colorado can help with Denver.
For Carolina -
palmetto cheese (a version of pimento cheese),
hot pepper jelly with cream cheese on crackers,
cornbread, biscuits, hush puppies
pecan, chess or key lime pies
red rice
red velvet cake or pound cake
Stephanie February 4, 2016
This is my kind of party!

My Denver inspired suggestions would be -
1) Cook with craft beer! Beer cheese dip ( has lots of ideas)
2) Green chile (usually with pork but you could easily do a veg. friendly version)
3) Breakfast burritos (great for the pre-gaming, or a good Monday morning hang over remedy!)
4) Burritos in general
5) Grilled ______ (fill in the blank). Despite the snow, we like to grill year-round.
6) Burgers/sliders (you could do black bean or quinoa burgers as a veg. option)
Nancy February 4, 2016
Stephanie, great for taking up the Colorado/Denver challenge.
Dare we suggest mash-ups...:)
craft beer to drink with the appetizers;
one of the breads or biscuits under your green chile, burriots or sliders.
Etc etc.
Garlic F. February 3, 2016
Since it is also Chinese new year's eve, I would also recommend vegetarian pot stickers (gyoza), egg rolls
scruz February 2, 2016
there is a really obscenely unhealthy but delicious hot dip one of my coworkers won our dip contest with...i'm sure the recipe is easy to find. it involves velvetta cheese, cream cheese, green onions sliced and a can of chili (his was chili con carne but i'm sure without carne would be delish too). depends on how healthy you want your Bowlers to be!
Emily |. February 2, 2016
Make an easy black bean dip - drain and rinse a can of black beans, add salt, pepper, a bit of chili powder or smoked paprika, cumin, some cilantro and a clove of garlic (+ hot sauce, if you like), a splash of white vinegar or lime juice and blitz with olive oil in the food processor. Good with tortilla or pita chips or veggies. Artichoke dip is one of our family favorites (even for the meat-eaters) but with mayonnaise is not vegan, though stays vegetarian.
creaturecuisine February 2, 2016
I have all the stuff on hand to make this tonight and see how it turns out. Thanks for the reply :)
Nancy February 2, 2016
Yes to artichoke dip, in many flavor variations. If you want to use a mayo-like spread for vegans, consider Vegenaise salad dressing (a mayo almost-clone, available in health food and many regular grocery stores). Or make mayonnaise using soft tofu instead of raw egg as the emulsifying agent.
Tyler February 2, 2016
I read an article recently (I believe in Bon Appétit) about creating a build-your-own-Italian-hero bar, and I thought how much fun it would be to do a vegetarian version. Some different veggies, sliced thinly and roasted; few different sauces and spreads (homemade or otherwise; pimento cheese? a variety of hummus flavors? some pesto?); and even an assortment of delicious breads.
creaturecuisine February 2, 2016
I love it!
MargaretB February 2, 2016
Great question! Here are some of my favorites:
- My favorite vegetarian chili recipe: (it's even billed for the Super Bowl!)
- Cauliflower "wings" (have also seen this done in restaurants with Buffalo sauce)
- This one's a bit abstract, but we made this stuffing - - wrapped balls of it in Morningstar Farms bacon, and skewered them with toothpicks before baking in the oven. Big hit among vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.
- The ever-popular deviled egg
Bonus: most of these are fairly protein-heavy, which is something I always appreciate as a vegetarian, vs. having to fill up on crudites and desserts.
creaturecuisine February 2, 2016
So many great ideas! I will make the cauliflower wings for sure. Yum.
HalfPint February 2, 2016
-caprese skewers with grape tomato and fresh mozzarella
-cream cheese or vegetable wontons, baked.
-vegetable tempura
creaturecuisine February 2, 2016
Oooh! I've never baked wontons. I bet they'd be better for longer than if fried.
ktr February 2, 2016
As CV said, tacos can easily be made vegetarian. Also:
veggie chili
sweet potato fries topped with black beans and cheese
corn chowder
vegetarian lasagna
creaturecuisine February 2, 2016
Oh my goodness, the sweet potato fries sounds amazing! I also like that I could crockpot the chili :)
702551 February 2, 2016

Yes, the filling is usually meat, but you are free to offer fish or a vegetarian option. I occasionally grill portobello mushrooms as a vegetarian taco filling at my usual football tailgate.

This also kills the vegan and gluten-free birds with one stone.
creaturecuisine February 2, 2016
It would be easy to prep and travel with!
Caroline L. February 2, 2016
this muffuletta is amazing:
creaturecuisine February 2, 2016
That does look great. It's definitely on my to do list :)
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