vacation time!

Thanks to southwest and there crazy good sale on airfare, the winter vacation is booked! we are going to key west florida! need recommendations for lodging (would love something with breakfast/happy hr), restaurants, local attractions and must see's/do's.



spiffypaws October 19, 2012
I've stayed at Courtney's place in the Old Town Section 3 times and love it. It's walking distance to everything yet quiet, and breakfast is included (it's not great, but passable). Rent bikes; it's the best way to get around. We took a great eco kayak tour/snorkeling trip that lasted over 4 hours. The Hemingway museum was great-the kitchen was tiny! The beach at Fort Zachary is my favorite local beach, but if you rent a car and don't mind driving 45 minutes on the overseas highway, Bahia Honda State Park is gorgeous. Go to Kelly's bar for locally brewed beer. There's 2 many decent restaurants to name.
dcmaggie October 15, 2012
Gotta go to B.O's Fish Wagon for conch fritters! A total dive, but excellent food. Also go to Turtle Kraals; the food is only okay, but on certain nights they do a turtle race---it's hilarious to watch, not just the turtles, but all the drunk people cheering them on!
Sam1148 October 15, 2012
Go to Mallory Square for sunset viewing the street performers just one day.

Then go to the rooftop bar on the 7th floor at the Crown Plaza (La Concha). You can take your drinks and appetizers outside and get much better pictures and very little crowd and you can sit and have your drink outside on the roof.

It's also a very historic hotel with updated rooms.
Kristen M. October 15, 2012
This isn't a food recommendation but this is such a cool tiny shoe factory (the factory is tiny, not the shoes):
Lindsay-Jean H. October 15, 2012
Woo! So jealous. I love the Eden House ( - great location and good prices. No breakfast, but a poolside happy hour.
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