Breakfasts you’d love to make this weekend, or as soon as you have time off

Slow mornings spent at the stovetop can be hard to come by, but we're still always looking for some good breakfast inspiration! What are the breakfasts you'd love to make this weekend, or as soon as you have time off?

Emily Kochman


Happygoin April 13, 2021
Erin McDowell’s Baked Oatmeal. I’ve been eying that recipe for a couple of months. It sounds scrumptious!
Emily K. April 16, 2021
So good! We recently posted this baked oatmeal by Erin with apricots and almonds: Thanks, Happygoin!
HalfPint April 12, 2021
Sourdough pancakes from King Arthur Baking (Flour):

Flavor is so good and tangy. I suggest using less buttermilk to make thicker pancakes.
Emily K. April 13, 2021
Yum—and thanks for the tip!
Gammy April 10, 2021
I am addicted to these ab/fab blueberry muffins!
Emily K. April 12, 2021
Blueberry muffins always :). Hope you had a chance to make them!
Emma L. April 9, 2021
I just can't stop making these mochi pancakes:
Emily K. April 12, 2021
Agree—perfect weekend breakfast!
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