Can I substitute was paper for parchment paper?

Can I substitute wax paper for parchment paper?

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healthierkitchen October 18, 2012
With all due respect to Marion Cunningham and James Beard, I would not use wax paper as I have first hand knowledge that it can burn at the same temp that parchment will not. My sister-in-law did it. Maybe at low temps it might be OK, but certainly not a sub for all uses of parchment.
jamcook October 18, 2012
Since the question was first posted, i have checked several of my older cookbooks. Both Maida Heatter and Marion Cunningham call for lining pans with waxed paper and James Beard calls for "greased letter paper." I wouldn't argue with those guys , and i think you can use whatever you want!
jsdunbar October 18, 2012
I agree that wax paper was used before parchment paper with no family tales of disaster.
jamcook October 17, 2012
Obviously parchment is the best choice, but before it was widely available people , including my grandmothers used waxed paper. And sometimes ,(gasp!) even brown paper. The
Cakes were still delicious and to my knowledge
No one came to grief

dcmaggie October 16, 2012
No. Definitely use the right kind of paper when needed.
SKK October 16, 2012
Parchment paper is coated with a substance to keep give it a non-stick heat resistant coating. It can sustain temperatures up to at least 400 F. and some at higher heat. (Check your package.)
Wax paper is coated with a soybean or paraffin wax which will melt in high temperatures, and as healthierkitchen said, burn. They are not interchangeable and have two different purposes.
healthierkitchen October 16, 2012
Wax paper can melt and even burn in the oven.
Monita October 16, 2012
Would avoid using wax paper in baking
mrslarkin October 16, 2012
When you are baking, wax paper is a bad substitute for parchment paper.

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ChefOno October 16, 2012

Not if the paper will get hot enough to melt the wax.

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