Waterlogged chickpeas?

Trying out Melissa Clark's Small Batch Hummus, I left the cooked chickpeas in their warm broth for about 35 minutes. (Children! Always with their demands for food and safety and love!) I had turned off the heat when they were still slightly firm,anticipating such an interruption. The resulting hummus was creamy but super bland. Ramped up the flavors - but still incredibly mild. Can't believe Clark would post a bland hummus, so is this user error? Anyone ever waterlog their chickkpeas or dried beans? Ideas anyone? All other ingredients fresh and in good shape.



Sam1148 October 17, 2012
How was the quality of the tahini? I find that most of the flavor in Humus comes from the tahini, lemon, salt and garlic. With the chick peas more of textural medium. I'd even say that 3 tablespoons of tahini for two cups end product in that recipe is bit shy for my tastes. Try adding more to see if that corrects--and a bit more salt and lemon juice.
Reiney October 17, 2012
Agree completely with the above. And sometimes lemon juice isn't as tart or flavourful, so you might need to add more than expected.
Quinciferous October 16, 2012
My first thought is that you need more salt. Some batches of chickpeas seem to call for more than others do, and one teaspoon seems a fairly small amount for the amount of chickpeas. If salt, lemon, an garlic don't do it, perhaps the problem really is with the beans.
Kristen M. October 16, 2012
How strange -- never experienced water-logged beans or chickpeas myself. Maybe your dried chickpeas were just low on flavor? A bit more salt and lemon might do wonders.
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