A question about a recipe: Anya von Bremzen's Potato Soup with Fried Almonds

I have a question about the ingredient "1/3 cup (about 2 ounces) finely diced serrano ham or prosciutto" on the recipe "Anya von Bremzen's Potato Soup with Fried Almonds" from Genius Recipes. Can you suggest an alternative for vegetarians?



threefresheggs October 23, 2012
When pork is wanted for soup or chowder, I always find a combo of butter, grey salt, smoked paprika, and a touch of sesame oil to be a nice substitution. Cook the onion/aromatics in it. Don't over do the sesame oil – 1/2 a teaspoon is usually sufficient. I like the idea of adding some finely sliced and chopped carrot as well, if the recipe is not one that includes them already – texture and sweetness!
Anitalectric October 23, 2012
Dried shiitake mushrooms, chopped into small pieces (available at Asian grocery stores) would have a similar texture and a nice deep flavor.
ChefJune October 22, 2012
You can just skip the ham, or you could substitute diced carrots. They add a similar sweetness to that of the ham.
susan G. October 22, 2012
I've been eying this recipe, thinking I'd drop the meat, add a bit of smoked paprika for the flavor analog, or even some chipotle powder to take it in the heat + smoke direction.
Kristen M. October 22, 2012
I think you can skip the ham, especially if you use a flavorful (preferably homemade) vegetable stock). Chopped olives (green or oil-cured black) could be good, for salt and meaty flavor, but they'd also affect the look of the soup.
Monita October 22, 2012
You could try using a "meaty" seitan product or another vegan "meat" substitute. Or saute cubes of smokey tofu and add it into the soup just before serving
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