Hi. Can I use almonds slivers instead of whole almonds for this recipe? Thanks.

chef lew


chef L. October 18, 2012
Like this answer because I can stay home instead of buying almonds. Thank you.

Reiney October 18, 2012
Use the slivered almonds - just toast for a shorter period of time, perhaps adding to the garlic 2 minutes in. As for measurement, it also strikes me as the type of recipe where if you have a few too many (or too few) the difference will be so slight that it's not going to matter. It'll be fine.
chef L. October 18, 2012
Thanks to you both. I was trying to avoid a trip to the store, but alas...
Kristen M. October 18, 2012
I agree with Monita -- it's a fine substitute if you toast them carefully. You should also go scant on the measurement, since the slivered ones are smaller and pack tighter in the cup. Hope you like it!
Monita October 18, 2012
The slivers may get too burned. If you have no choice but to use slivers instead of whole almonds, watch them very carefully because they will brown much faster
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