How long does homemade vegetable stock last?

I made some vegetable stock last week and have a liter of it left over. I'm just wondering how long it would last, or if I should toss it? If it's still good I'd like to freeze it for later, I hate wasting any food, let alone a beautiful homemade stock!



Riley K. March 14, 2020
Thanks for sharing amazing thoughts. I used the same way you use to freeze the stock. Keep sharing like this.
darksideofthespoon October 31, 2012
Thank you! I totally forgot about it, it got pushed to the back of the fridge. I'm making Minestrone tomorrow so we'll taste it and see if I can use it! If not, I'm making chicken stock tonight anyways... and any unused stock will go in directly into ice cube trays, I love that idea. I already do it with wine and buttermilk, why not stock!?!?
Omeletta October 31, 2012
I've kept chicken stock- frozen- for up to five months before. As long as it's frozen, it will last quite a while. Pour it into ice cube trays and pop out little squares to use as needed; I've constantly got a stash in my freezer!
Monita October 31, 2012
Ideally, it should have been frozen just after it was made. I wouldn't freeze it now but you can use it over the next week
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