I just finished making vegetable stock and I found a rubber band in the strained veggies. It's a lot of stock- should I risk using it?



mrslarkin April 17, 2012
I agree with Pierino. A rubber band is not going to affect your stock at all.

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pierino April 17, 2012
Hey, people boil lobsters with bands still attached to the claws with no harm so I wouldn't worry about it too much.
beyondcelery April 17, 2012
Unless you think the rubber band came into contact with unsafe chemicals or something before it went into the stock, you're probably okay (at least as far as I know about rubber bands). Taste the stock, though--if it was in there the whole time, your stock might have a bad flavor.
Julie,Le April 17, 2012
I think it was the rubber band on herbs that I threw in there- unfortunately when I tasted it, it was bitter and a total loss, although the cause could be a lot of things. Thank you!
chl0525 April 17, 2012
That's SO something that would happen to me! Personally, I would taste the stock and as long and your foreign object didn't effect the flavor, I would keep it. When using homemade stock (we make chicken stock about every 4 months) I always make sure I bring it to a boil anyway. That's just me, maybe I live life on the edge. ;)
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