Prepping Apples in Advance

Would peeling & slicing apples in advance of making a tart (perhaps keeping them in acidulated water) leach the apple slices of flavour? I'd like to take an apple tart to the office in the morning and prefer to freshly bake tarts to avoid sogginess. I usually prepare all the ingredients the night before and simply assemble and bake. Do you think prepping the apples the night before would result in reduction of flavour?

  • Posted by: Foodelf
  • November 1, 2012


nutcakes November 1, 2012
Cutting with a ceramic knife then sealing in a ziplock bag with a little lemon juice should work.
Nicole S. November 1, 2012
If you can get your hands on ambrosia apples I've found they take the longest to turn brown after cutting. Great flavor too.
Monita November 1, 2012
Could you assemble the whole tart (does it get a top? that would make freezing it possible)and freeze it overnight and then bake it in the morning? I think keeping apples in acidulated water that long will ruin the apples and affect the tart
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