A question about a recipe: Brown Sugar Apple Pie

Hello. Erin McDowell's Brown Sugar Apple Pie calls for *6 pounds* of apples. Could that be correct? I had 6 or 7 small to medium apples on hand, which weighed about 4 pounds, and I used them all. It made for one terrific stack of apples. I'm baking it now, so we'll see, but I thought I'd ask the experts. Also, the lemon juice called for in the ingredients is not mentioned in the instructions. I went ahead and added it to the apple mix, per usual, but a new baker might not know that. I'm looking forward to tasting this one ... love brown sugar and apples.

Robin Gress
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1 Comment

Smaug January 2, 2017
She doesn't say what size pie plate- that would be about right for a 14" pie. For a 9", 3 lbs. is about as far as you can reasonably go without pre cooking the apples.
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