This is my first do I cook it to ensure that it is moist. I will be using Cook's ham - Butt. Thank you so much

  • Posted by: Punkin31
  • November 22, 2010


Punkin31 November 22, 2010
thank you Chris...I will try the white wine instead of water :-) Happy and safe Thanksgiving to you and your family.
usuba D. November 22, 2010
Hams from Cooks are already cooked, vis a vis USDA regs. To heat it for serving, put the cut (face) side down in a pan with a bit of water, though I sometimes use white wine. Cook's hams are too sweet for my taste, but you can add a brown sugar on the surface and heat in a 350 oven til at least 145 internal temp. There is so much water pumped into the ham it would be very hard to dry it out.
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